Shows & tours

Horse show on Saturdays

Would you like to enjoy our horse show? Learn how our horses work and interact? Would you like to know how a Carthusian horse lives and get to know the history?

Enjoy the horse Pura Raza Español, Carthusian lineage in a different and close way. Besides seeing the horse show, you will take part on an unforgettable guided tour through our facilities.

Every Saturday at 11.00 h. there is a guided tour to Yeguada Cartuja with a show in the main arena.

Private guided tours through the facilities

¿Te gustaría conocer cómo vive un caballo cartujano? ¿Quieres conocer su historia, su cuido, su adiestramiento y otras muchas curiosidades? Realizamos visitas guiadas a las instalaciones y entrenamientos (sin exhibición) de forma privada.

Special tours for school students and groups

Yeguada Cartuja Hierro del Bocado stud farm, the world’s largest nucleus of Carthusian horses, owned by the Spanish State, has opened its facilities to educational centres as part of its programme of organised tours. These tours give students and groups the chance to learn about the conservation of one of Spain’s greatest genetic treasures, as well as to admire these unique Spanish horses in their natural habitat.

Private shows

Yeguada Cartuja stud farm offers both companies and individuals the opportunity to enjoy our exhibition privately and exclusively. You can choose the day and time you want to go on the tour and see the exhibition.

Special packages

Realizamos paquetes exclusivos a medida para grupos muy reducidos, mostrando las labores diarias de una forma personalizada y acompañados por nuestros profesionales. Incluye visita y atención personalizada con un jefe de departamento y aperitivo en un lugar emblemático adaptado a cada ocasión en especial.